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Laboratory tests

Laboratory results are reported to the patient only after they have been reviewed by the physician. You will be notified as soon as the result is received if there is a major abnormality, and generally the provider will have that information within a day or two. If the results are normal or less urgent, we will provide written reports before 4 weeks have passed.


The blood test called a "protime" is used to monitor anticoagulant therapy with Coumadin (generic name warfarin). The tests are ordered on a frequency determined by your medical condition, but they are never less frequent that once per month. The office staff will ask some questions to monitor your treatment before the blood is drawn. When the result is reported to you, please be sure you understand 1) whether the result is in the desired range, 2) whether any dose adjustment is necessary, and 3) when the next blood test should be performed.



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