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What if I become ill after hours or on a weekend or holiday?

For illness needing attention before the office is next open, call our regular phone number (704-843-0880), and you will be instructed as to how to get in touch with a triage nurse.

What if I have an emergency?

For after hours emergencies, call 911 if your life is in danger. You can always notify us and the insurance companies later.

Will you take care of me in the hospital?

A team of in-hospital specialists, Presbyterian Inpatient Care Specialists (PICS) will admit and care for all of our adult patients in the hospital. They communicate with us about admissions and discharges, sending us copies of notes, and they have access to our records. We can discuss questions with them, and we believe the patients benefit by having hospital specialists dedicated to their care available all the time. We share hospital rounds with our family practice colleagues for all of our pediatric patients who are admitted and are in close contact with these physicians throughout the child's hospitalization.

Who will lab results reported?

All lab results are reviewed by the physician or family nurse practioner as soon as they are available, generally the next day after ordering. Abnormalities of major significance are reported by phone at that time. Other lab results are placed with the chart and are returned to the physician for reporting. You should receive the results before 4 weeks have passed.

Should I call for my lab results?

To avoid missing or misplaced results, please call us if you have not heard the result of a test by four weeks after the test was done. However, please do not call for results before four weeks have passed. We have found that calling for results delays reporting of a complete set of results because the chart is pulled out of the normal medical records flow.

Do I need to fast before my exam or test?

Our policy is to ask you to fast for certain tests such as blood sugar or cholesterol, and we will tell you when to fast. For exams, we ask that you fast if your physical exam is scheduled before noon. If you have diabetes we want you to fast only if an exam is before 10 a.m. For exams after noon, eat normally that day. The term fasting means no food (you can have water) for 10-12 hours.

Should I take my medicines before an office visit?

We want you always to take medicines before a visit, even if you are fasting. The exception is for diabetes. If you are fasting and have diabetes, do not take your blood sugar medicine.

Should I bring my medicines?

We like our patients to know the names and doses of their medicines. To be sure of your regimen, please bring all your medicine bottles, including medicines from other providers and non-prescription medications and supplements to your visits.

How do I use the automated phone system during the time the office is open?

Please follow the prompts provided for the fastest connection to the person who can assist your specific need.

How do I use the automated phone system when the office is closed?

After hours, you will be instructed to call 911 for a life threatening emergency. For urgent medical problems needing attention before the next business day, you will be instructed to speak with a triage nurse. For all other concerns (appointments, refills, general medical questions, etc.), you will be instructed to call the office the next business day.

What if I have a question after hours?

Our after hours phone system is focused on dealing with urgent health problems. Refills, appointments, billing questions, etc. cannot be handled by the triage nurses, and we ask that you call the office the next business day.

How do I have my medical records sent to another practice?

To release records to a specialist or another practice, we need your written permission. We have forms in the office available for that purpose. The process of transferring records is time consuming, and we ask for two weeks to complete that work.



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