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Meet the medical providers, physicians, and our family nurse practitioner, who make up the team responsible for your health care. In addition, we rely on nurses, medical assistants, laboratory and X-ray technologists, medical records specialists, and many clerical staff to keep the office working for you.

Each of our physicians is certified by the American Board of Family Practice and supported by a staff of capable, experienced, and friendly healthcare professionals. Our certified Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) works closely with us to provide the most timely and competent care possible. The FNP supports your treatment plan by providing education and follow-up consultations. We are dedicated to providing our patients with personalized and cost-effective care. Our services begin at birth and continue throughout your lifetime. We value long-term relationships with our patients built on trust and open communication. We are primary care physicians for our patients and their families, helping to coordinate their medical care through other specialties or hospital services when needed.

Novant Health Provider Ratings and Reviews
Your Questions Answered
Novant Health is committed to providing the information you need to make important decisions about your health care. One important way we are doing this is by publishing star ratings and reviews for Novant Health providers who care for patients in our clinic settings. Understanding how other patients feel about their experience should help you feel more confident in choosing the right provider for you and your family.
How are ratings and comments obtained?
The ratings and reviews seen on provider profiles are gathered from patient surveys, which are conducted by an independent patient satisfaction organization called Press Ganey. This trusted vendor is used by hospitals and government agencies throughout the U.S., and ensures the information we provide is not biased.
How can I fill out a patient survey and contribute to a doctor's star rating?
On behalf of Novant Health, Press Ganey distributes surveys to patients who visit a Novant Health provider in an outpatient clinic office.
Surveys are distributed two ways:
  • By mail to a random sampling of patients.
  • By email to every patient who gives a valid email address.
Each year, Novant Health receives feedback from more than 150,000 patients about their experience in our clinics.
How are star ratings calculated?
The star ratings are based on patient responses to 10 provider questions focused on provider communication that are included on the survey.
Responses are converted to a 5-point rating system and applied consistently to all providers for the 10 measures.
Why doesn't a provider have a star rating?
Star ratings are only displayed for providers who have accumulated 30 or more survey responses during a 12 month period. This ensures the data we provide is statistically valid. In addition, ratings are not included on the Novant Health sites for patients who:
  • Were discharged from the hospital.
  • Received care at an urgent care clinic.
  • Were seen in the emergency department.
  • Received care in behavioral health clinic.
Are all reviews posted?
The reviews that appear on provider profiles are taken directly from the care provider section of the Press Ganey surveys submitted during a 12-month period. If you submitted your survey and comment after this time period, it may be included in future updates.
While we are committed to publishing both positive and negative comments, we also maintain a rigorous process to review and remove comments that are profane, libelous, unrelated to the provider, or violate patient privacy. Published comments are not edited in any way.
How does Novant Health protect patient information?
All patient survey responses are stored on a password protected server. Patient names are not displayed and comments that contain personal, identifiable information are not published.
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